Monday, October 6, 2008

The First Neighborhood Search

My son and I went out for the first time today to look for subclassics out in the neighborhood. I know that there's a Toyota Supra and a Volkswagen Fox back in my neighborhood but I decided to save those for later. Today we went searching in the Deaconess area. And it was disappointing. Good subclassics are hard to come by. And I didn't have the courage to get out and take a good series of an individual car so I just got passing snapshots.

What we mainly saw that qualified were small pickups and a few Dodge Aries. But they didn't thrill me. The first reasonable find was this Chevy Nova. This last generation of Nova (actually a Toyota Corolla or Sprinter) ran from 1985-1988 so it qualifies, but blah.

We also saw a Pontiac Fiero, which was a treat, but still not really the "it" I was looking for.

Ready to give up, I headed back towards home but decided to turn down Oakley St thinking that there has got to be something there. There's a used appliance store on the corner of Oakley and Louisiana and used appliance stores and subclassic cars kind of go hand in hand, don't they?

And there it was...

UPDATE: I can't stop looking at this truck. It is beautiful.


Katharine said...

Paul, I am so glad you are blogging. Your point of view is endlessly entertaining, and yet full of truth and beauty.

paulgubbins said...

I don't if that is an appropriate comment for a car blog. But thank you.

Katharine said...

Well, trust me, it is. I mean, we tend to take for granted the things that we find familiar. My mom thinks formica tables are "that junk I grew up with." But we know they are ART.