Sunday, October 5, 2008

1986 Dodge Omni Miss Liberty

If there is one car I wish I had better pictures of, it is this one. It was white with red and blue pin striping and a decal of the Statue of Liberty on the side. All from the factory that way. From what I understood, it was part of a fleet of Dodge Omnis that were driven in the parade commemorating the completion of the restoration of the Statue of Liberty. I paid $600 for it from a friend who owed more than that on it. This was about 1996 or so. The only work I really ever did on this was plugging up all the emissions hoses that I didn't understand. And this thing did fly. It has a strong 2.2 engine for as light as the car was and it was geared very broadly. Theoretically I figured that it could do 225 before redlining in 5th gear. Of course it could never do that, but it was geared that way.

I drove it out west and it started having carburetor problems in California. I don't know if I picked up some bad gas or what. But it never ran consistently well after that.

I still had the Rabbit while I was driving this car and sold them both about the same time. Now I had a 1979 Ford Econoline 250 cargo van and was heading out to live on the road, selling at flea markets.


Anonymous said...

I once also saw a liberty Caravan. It had the same paint scheme.

Katharine said...

Gah...The Liberty Machine. That was ICONIC!!

Katharine said...